Building New Futures

Anderson Global Networks prides itself on being a responsible, sustainable business. Our refreshed Sustainability Strategy embodies our ambition to go further to reduce our environmental footprint and to have a positive, sustainable impact wherever we work.

But ‘Sustainability’ is not a one-size-fits-all approach. So, in line with Anderson Global Networks “think global, act local” guiding imperative, our aim is to set out our global goals, to provide an overarching framework and empower our colleagues to take action to deliver a better future in their geographies. Across the globe and each of our businesses are now developing bespoke Sustainability Action Plans to ensure we address specific local challenges and priorities and leave a positive legacy in the Places we serve.

Uniting each of our Sustainability Action Plans are our three 2040 ambitions:

  • Beyond Net Zero Carbon
  • A resilient community (workforce, supplier & customer base)
  • A resilient environment
  • Generate Zero Waste
  • Positively Impact More than 1 Million People